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The information you need from the trench-docs that work there.  

What's the Difference?

What's the Difference?

The Right Information

As an ER doc, I've done my share of job hunts and understand that there are certain things the job hunter needs to know:  How much does it pay? How hard do you have to work?  What do current employees think of the place?  

The phrase "Competitive pay" is both ubiquitous and meaningless, and a video from corporate headquarters isn't helping much, either. 

Whitecoat Work gives you the actual wages for each job posting, the actual annual department census, and useful metrics like Patients-per-Hour-per-Provider.  


But we're not stopping there.  We're crowd-sourcing reviews of each department from the people that work there.  

If there's something missing that you think would help job hunters, let me know!  

-Garrett Norvell, MD


Who Contacts Who?

Who Contacts Who?

You're in Control

Tired of getting mass-marketed recruitment emails? 

When you've found a job that you'd like to know more about, you can contact a recruiter through WcW to get more information (or apply for the job)  -without sharing your email address.   We'll do the legwork and keep your contact info private until you're ready.


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